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Since 2011, Ron Lykins Inc. CPA's has saved our clients over

                                    $1 Million

by protesting IRS tax notices, tax audits, and assessments!


Ron Lykins, Inc CPAs Saves Client Over $15,000

Recently a new client contacted Ron Lykins, Inc. CPAs after a 5-year struggle with the IRS. Despite the client's numerous attempts over this 5-year time period, the client had been unable to stop the IRS' efforts to collect an erroneous amount due of $11,000. 

Ron Lykins, Inc. CPAs appealed the IRS decision and obtained an immediate stop to its collection activities. After several months and a telephone conference with an IRS agent, the IRS reversed its position on the tax return and issued $2,776 in refunds. Thus Ron Lykins, Inc. CPAs was able to save the client $15,776 in tax savings and accumulated interest.

Ron Lykins CPA's knowledge and expertise is Key to Success

Ron Lykins, Inc. CPAs has a successful track record of appealing IRS audit decisions and the key to success is the accuracy of the client's records, coupled with our knowledge and expertise of dealing with the IRS. A few years ago, a client was audited and the IRS maintained the client owed over $20,000 of taxes and over $3,000 in penalties. Because of our knowledge and expertise Ron Lykins, Inc. was able to appeal the decision and the case was settled for less than $750.

IRS often wrong- even on small amounts 

Our client had received an IRS notice to pay an additional $278 for an error on his federal tax return. Fortunately, the client did not pay the notice, and sent it to our office to review. 
Our staff made several calls to the IRS and the IRS finally agreed that the notice was in error and the federal tax return was correct as originally filed. Our client did not owe the additional tax.

Anyone can make an honest mistake- but should not be automatically penalized

Everyone makes mistakes. A client received an IRS notice for inadvertently omitting a retirement income-withdraw on his tax return. We corrected the error and the client paid the additional tax plus interest. However, we advised the client to NOT pay the IRS penalty of $817, which was assessed for under payment and late filing tax penalties.

We drafted a letter to the IRS explaining that this was an honest mistake and not an intentional effort to avoid tax. After several months, the IRS sent a letter that it agreed and forgave the $817 penalty.

Looking back saves client over $2,500

Recently a Ron Lykins Inc. CPA's Tax Accountant was able to save a client over $2,500. This client received a lump sum of $112,000 from a Social Security Settlement for a developmental disability going back to prior years. The IRS levied a tax of $4,723. By recalculating the tax levied by the IRS, Ron Lykins CPA's was able to reduce her tax owed to $2,125, a savings of $2,598.

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